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     Will Sarosdy was an amazing and wonderful person.  Will was born in Washington, D.C. on June 7, 1985, and from his earliest childhood days he was always kind, considerate, respectful and empathetic toward everyone he knew.  He was also brilliant, funny, insightful and fun to be around.  Above all Will had a beautiful heart. 
     One of the great things about Will was that he knew almost every Simpsons and Seinfeld episode by heart and on countless occasions when someone was describing something that had just happened or some current event Will would say, “There’s a Simpsons (or Seinfeld) about that . . .” and then recite verbatim – and hilariously – what Homer or Lisa or George, Elaine or Kramer had done or said in the same situation!  If you were around Will for more than a few minutes you were sure to be either laughing at one of his anecdotes or smiling at his original way of looking at things. 
     Will’s greatest passion in life was swimming.  Over the years Will became an exceptional swimmer and elite athlete, winning many medals and awards and team records, and competing on high school and club teams in McLean, Virginia, and Austin, Texas, and on the University of Texas Swim Team under Coach Eddie Reese.  In 2004 he qualified for the U.S. Olympic team trials in Long Beach, California.
     But for Will swimming was about more than just competition -- it was about life-long friendships, experiences and core values, about helping others to learn and to improve, about being the best that he could be and bringing out the best in others.  To Will swimming was “a village.”  Nowhere was this more evident than when he began coaching young swimmers, first with Chesterbrook Swim Club in McLean, and later with Longhorn Aquatics Swim Club in Austin.  Will was fiercely devoted to his young swimmers with whom he shared his vast knowledge of swimming technique and his infectious love of the sport.  He was an inspired coach, friend and mentor to them. 
     Will was an excellent student, a classics and history major who received recognition for outstanding academic achievement while competing in Big 12 athletics.  Tragically, in his junior year of college Will was overwhelmed by severe depression that resisted all of the treatment that was recommended and prescribed.  This terrible illness prevented Will from being able to see what was so obvious to everyone who knew him – his kindness, generosity of spirit, wit, humor, honesty, integrity, brilliance and gentle heart.  On May 5, 2006, Will died as a result of suicide.
     Will, we miss you more than words can ever express and think of you every single day.  You were an angel sent to us by God and now you are with God again.  We will love you always and forever. 

     The Will Sarosdy Swim for Life Fund of the Austin Community Foundation:  An endowed fund has been established with the Austin Community Foundation in Will's memory to promote swimming programs throughout the country, including especially programs to help underprivileged youth become involved in swimming.  So far the Fund has awarded $18,500 in grants to twelve different swim programs around the country. To learn more about the Fund or the Austin Community Foundation, please click here: http://austincommunityfoundation.org/  To apply for a grant, please click here:  http://www.austincommunityfoundation.org/ama/orig/Will_Sarosdy_Swim_For_Life_Fund---grant-guidelines---11-01-10.pdf

      Tributes to Will: If you would like to read the tributes to or stories about Will at the online guestbook of the funeral home, please click on this link http://obit.wcfish.com/obit_list.cgi and type in “Sarosdy” in the search window. 
     Will's Swimming Rules:  If you would like a copy of "Will's Swimming Rules," which Will gave to his prenational group swimmers at Longhorn Aquatics in March 2006, and which reflect Will's philosophy about swimming and life, please email me at RSarosdy@gmail.com and I will be happy to send them to you. 
     Jane may be contacted at JSarosdy@gmail.com

     Frank may be contacted at Francissarosdy@gmail.com

     Grace may be contacted at grace.sarosdy@gmail.com     

Tributes and Condolences
Wonderful little boy...   / Regina Costa (preschool member )
I recall Will as an active, friendly child at Rock Spring Preschool, decades ago. Prayers to Jane and Randy.
Love you always   / Suzy Graffeo (Aunt)
I'll never forget you Will. Swimming with the angels now
My Prayers Are With You   / Kelley Milligan
I remember Will and his entire family at Chesterbrook growing up.  Mrs. Sarosdy was such a fantastic woman who was always helping the swim team and I remember Mr. Sarosdy making sure the time was always correct at a...  Continue >>
4 Years   / Rob McNeil (Friend/Coach/Brother)
It will be four years tomorrow since the day we lost you.  The hole in my heart is still as open and raw and tender as the day I found out my little brother was gone.  I miss you so much and think of you every single day.  I just hope ...  Continue >>
I'm so sorry for your loss   / Bridget O'Sullivan (stranger)
I was reading the Post this morning, flipping through the Metro section when the picture of a good-looking guy caught my eye. Then the date he was born caught my eye: June 7, 1985. I was born June 6, 1985, and being just 23, it is still hard for me t...  Continue >>
We all love and miss you  / William Licamele (Friend)    Read >>
Will / Francine From Belgium (none)    Read >>
A wonderful young man  / June (stranger)    Read >>
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.... / Matthew Last (Childhood friend )    Read >>
Will was my favorite coach and i miss him  / Kaitlin H. (Swimmer)    Read >>
Reminders / Marty Parker (friend of family )    Read >>
Truth from Tragedy  / The Mayer Family (Elyse one of his Pre-National swimmers (still) )    Read >>
He lives in our memories and in our hearts  / Judith Coffman (Friend (I hope), Admirer, mother of Naomi (swimmer), one of the many broken-hearted )    Read >>
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